Unforgettable holidays in Kefalonia

A few words about the island

Kefalonia, apart from being one of the biggest Greek islands, is a very special place with beautiful flora, magical beaches with crystal clear waters and landscapes that promise to take your breath away! It is a destination that promises guests an unforgettable experience upon their visit regardless of age or travel style. Kefalonia draws visitors back time and time again thanks to its cuisine, wide variety of activities, traditions and its musicality. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Activities in Kefalonia

The activities you can’t miss while staying in Kefalonia

The big enough size of the island gives you automatically the opportunity to indulge in various kinds of activities. Are you a nature lover, a sports fan, do you enjoy museums or are you crazy about gastronomy? Kefalonia can satisfy all tastes and needs!


Would you like to see some sea turtles? Off Argostoli’s main street, take the path leading down to the port to meet the sea turtles that pay a visit most mornings.


If you love seafood and fishing itself, then taking a ‘cruise’ with local fishermen will make it all worth it, since you will catch your own fish that will later be cooked on the boat, and eaten among the group of fishermen and the rest of ‘fishermen’ like you!


For parts of the island that remain inaccessible on foot or by car, why not link them up on a day-long cruise?


Get to know the azure waters of the island through thrilling water sports that will amaze you!

The island has countless beaches that guarantee your relaxation. However, the island’s beaches don’t lack water sports that offer a shot of adrenaline. On top of the classic ones, you could also try:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling


Kefalonia has much more to see beyond its gorgeous beaches. Just look up! There are beautiful mountains, with Ainos being the most impressive one. Climbing has grown to become one of the most loved activities of the island, along with hiking. For those who dare try scaling Kefalonia’s cliffs will be rewarded with unbeatable views.


Those looking to discover their own corner of Kefalonia ought to head on a hike. Along designated paths you can explore previously untouched places, discovering waterfalls and wandering through landscape features unique to the island.

Kefalonia is known for the tree Kefalonian Elati (Abies cephalonica), which can be found along its slopes. In the framework of managing and protecting Mount Ainos, also known as Monte Nero (Black mountain), precautions and measures are taken to ensure every ascent is a chance to connect with nature. What Mount Ainos lacks in large mammals, gets made up for by the pack of semi-wild horses (Equus caballus) that inhabit its southeast side.

Horseback Riding:

Horseback riding is definitely a great way to explore some of Kefalonia’s scenic places while spending quality time close to nature.

Though not typical of the island, there is the possibility of taking strolls with horses while being guided through some of the most beautiful paths on the island.


For those who prefer the slow pace of a bike ride, there is the chance to rent a bike with which they can explore parts of the island that very few know and enjoy! You will have the chance to ride next to Koutavos lake, in Argostoli all the way till the lighthouse of Saitn Theodore (Fanari area), which will definitely fill you with beautiful pictures as memories to carry back home.


Tennis is taking off in Kefalonia, with new tennis courts open for your next rally.


Kefalonian honey has an incredible taste and surely the whole process of its production is a very interesting experience on its own that is definitely worth trying.


If you love good food, then you know that it should always be accompanied by an equally good wine. Visit the main winery of the island where the renowned Robola is produced and surrender to a beautiful wine trip!

On top of Robola, the island offers a selection of boutique wineries which can all be assembled into an unforgettable wine tour.


Mandola and mandolato are the traditional sweets of the island. Their production process is unique and very impressive. Having as a basis almonds, sugar and cinnamon, they are a delicious snack, which is met in specific events and cases. By visiting Kefalonia, you get the chance to get to know this too, through the knowledge and wisdom of one of the most traditional pastry shops known for their high quality and beautiful taste!

Sightseeing in Kefalonia

What to see and which place to visit:

For museum lovers, Kefalonia gives you the opportunity to choose and visit the ones you prefer, discovering the history and the stories that lie behind what is being seen today.

The most important museums among which you can choose are:

  • Korgialenio Historical and Cultural Museum of Argostoli
  • Ecclesiastical Museum of Saint Andreas Monastery
  • Iakovateios Library – Museum
  • Focas – Kosmetatos Foundation
  • Mycenean tomb in Tzanata

Beyond the museums, visits to the island’s churches are a must for both those who practice their faith and for architecture buffs.

  • The church of Agia Varvara, part of which is built into a big rock, in a very scenic part of the island.
  • The monastery of Saint Gerasimos, which honors the protector of the island. Celebrations in his name are held on the 16th of August and the 20th of October, in the village of Fragkata. The monastery is very impressive, with a small chapel and a larger, new church waiting for you to visit.
  • Saint Gerasimos church in the Lassi region, which was built to mark the 5 years that Saint Gerasimos lived in a cave there.
  • The churches of Markopoulo and Arginia: In the middle of August, you can visit either of these village churches of these to touch the ‘miraculous’ snakes of the Holy Mary. The snakes appear every year on the slopes of the mountain, a few days before the feast day of the Virgin Mary (15th of August).

There are many places in Kefalonia that that deserve to be paid a visit, just for existing, without any other reason! Among those, we would definitely include:

  • Palia Vlachata Samis: This specific village, also known as a ghost village, is no longer inhabited but it is considered of particular beauty. A visit to the village is a trip back in time, with the ruins of buildings torn apart from the 1953 earthquake. If you visit Kefalonia over midsummer, make a point of attending the Sartistra Festival which fills Palia Vlachata Samis with life and music.
  • Pessada: Pessada, on top of being the village people cross in order to get to Ammos Beach, is a particularly picturesque village, with its port offering connections to Zakynthos. On the way out of the village, a local canteen pairs delicious Greek food with one of the best views.
  • Kourkoumelata: This noble Kefalonian village is best enjoyed on an evening stroll. The view from the central café of the village will surely steal your heart. Pull up a seat and take your time nursing a coffee or glass of wine.
  • Assos: Considered the most charming of the island’s villages, Assos is a cocktail of bright colors, curious visitors and crystal waters. Once you visit, there is little left to wonder why this is one of the island’s most photographed spots.
  • Sami: Sami is a very pretty village, with many restaurants offering particularly good food. It is the place where the movie ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ was shot, with Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz, offering one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Antisamos.
  • Fiskardo: The most cosmopolitan part of the island at its most north peak. Fiskardo’s alleys draw the attention of many tourists, celebrities as well, who get inevitably lost on a photo expedition.
  • Argostoli: It is the capital of Kefalonia and its most central part. Here, you can easily find many stores, both touristic and local, restaurants, bars, and cafes, capable of satisfying every need and taste!
  • Lassi: One of the most touristic parts of the island, very close to Argostoli. It offers undoubtedly a plethora of choices when it comes to food and drinks, high-quality services and of course magical beaches.
  • Lixouri: The second biggest city of Kefalonia island, Lixouri has nothing to be jealous of Argostoli, as it has many places that one should not miss visiting. Moreover, it has many amazing beaches from where the visitors can enjoy the sun and clear waters.
  • Skala: One of the most touristic places in the south part of Kefalonia, offering countless choices for food and fun, while also having beautiful beaches!

Due to its long history, as well as the geological interests it appears to have, the island of Kefalonia has many points of interest that are worth your detours.

  • Saint Theodore Lighthouse (Fanari) in Lassi is worth some of the time of your evening stroll in that part of Argostoli. Some of the pictures taken there will keep the best of memories alive.
  • A bit further, the Monument of the Italians can be found, a daily reminder of the island’s history.
  • Katavothres, one of the finest spots of Argostoli, where one of the town’s best bars is found. Katavothres, complete with its watermill, is an idyllic corner to discover.
  • Image of Melissani’s cave/lake may have made their way around the world, but seeing it in person is an experience in itself.
  • A bit further from Melissani, you’ll find the cave of Drogkarati with its stalagmites and stalactites.
  • A bit uphill from the village of Peratata, you can visit the castle of Saint George. Combine a visit here with a meal at Il Borgo for a romantic outing on the Lastly, another castle bringing back to life memories of the past is the castle of Assos, where each visitor can feel like going back in time! Prepare for your imagination to be lit up while wandering around this centuries-old castle.

Beaches of Kefalonia

Swim in the best beaches of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is known for its beautiful beaches, which you may have fallen before knowing the island by name. The crystal-clear blue waters enchant visitors with shimmering waters begging for a refreshing dive in. Sandy or pebbly, cosmopolitan or remote and secluded, you can surely find one that suits you best. 

Whether you are traveling with your family, your partner or friends, Kefalonia’s beaches will have you escaping your daily routine and seeing Greece in a new way.

Having some of the clearest waters you will have ever seen, Kefalonia’s beaches’ seabeds will captivate you. Make sure to have your own snorkel masks so that you can enjoy them both while outside or inside the water. At the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings which will most probably be completely green and serene!

Staying all day at one of the beaches might be one of the greatest plans you could make! Τhe sky’s colors will steal your heart away, throughout the day, kept warm by the Greek sun!

Myrtos | The most famous beach on the island

Captivating photo enthusiasts (and those who love to be photographed too), this well-known beach is one to savor slowly on a long visit.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 38 km., 50 minutes’ drive

Antisamos | The most beautiful color palette

Antisamos shot to fame as the backdrop for the film “The Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” starring Penelope Cruz and Nicolas Cage, shot in Kefalonia over the summer of 2000. The different shades of blue and green as the water and the sky tangle and meet with the green cypresses will exceed your expectations what Mother Nature has to offer.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 32,2 km., 56 minutes’ drive

Eblisi | Dip in nature’s scents

While near Dafnoudi beach in looks and location, the easily accessible Emblisi beach is a wicked cocktail of landscape colors and the smell of cypress.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 57,9 km., 1 hour and 20 minutes’ drive

Dafnoudi | The hidden diamond of the North

Once you find your way to Fiskardo, those interested in an addition detour to Dafnoudi (requiring a little effort and time to navigate) will be rewarded with crystal-clear turquoise waters.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 56,3 km., 1 hour and 18 minutes’ drive

Agia Sofia | The most beautiful unknown

Olive and other trees reach the sea’s surface, offering their shade to swimmers wading in the waters below. The scenery of Agia Sofia beach is postcard-perfect with a former fisherman’s house punctuating the sandbank. Do not expect a huge coast, nor umbrellas and other amenities, as this calm bay is typically reached by boat.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 56,2 km., 1 hour and 29 minutes’ drive

Fteri | The most remote beauty

Fteri is one of the most isolated yet breathtakingly beautiful beaches. In general, it is quite hard to reach, and the easiest would be with the help of a boat or on a long hike. In any case, the destination is worth the effort with a bounty of wild beauty, intense color contrasts, crystal-clear waters and … exclusive privacy.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 34,4 km., 50 minutes’ drive

Petanoi | The mythical beach with the white pebbles

The white coast that is formed from its pebbles along with the crystal-clear waters of this beach, are just two of the reasons why Petanoi should figure into your itinerary. Surrounded by an abundance of green and offering a beautiful seabed, the choice of how to sample this landscape is yours.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 44,1 km., 1 hour drive

Xi | The beach with the rubby sand and the odd nameα

On Xi beach, which resembles the Greek letter for X (ξ) from above, come up close with the rock formations of clay bordering the beach, while noting the color contrasts that are created from the red sand, the gray rock, and the blue waters.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 50,8 km., 1 hour and 8 minutes’ drive

Lourdas | The ideal choice for all-day round

The beach of Lourdas offers sunbeds and umbrellas, with a mix of both pebbles and sand. The bars and the restaurants located nearby cater to all tastes and budgets.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 4,1 km., 13 minutes’ drive

Makris Gialos | The most cosmopolitan beach on the island

Located very close to the capital of Kefalonia, Makris Gialos is the ideal place to enjoy beach parties and cocktails, while rubbing elbows with locals. The clean waters here are typical of the less crowded beaches in Kefalonia

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 14,3 km., 23 minutes’ drive

Platis Gialos | A breath of fresh air in the center

Platis Gialos is the natural extension of Makris gialos beach, and although they are equally busy is not considered to be equally cosmopolitan, having no big parties or related events, tending to be more preferred by families, older people or a person who simply prefers a more peaceful beach time.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 14,2 km., 22 minutes’ drive

Skala | Α visit to the touristic side of the island!

The beach of Skala is a particularly long beach that offers guests the chance to enjoy the caress of the sand at their feet (whether in the paid sunbed portion or the public stretch). As a tourist favorite, expect a well-maintained beach full of places to choose nearby for a meal or a refreshing drink.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 24,5 km., 41 minutes’ drive

Spasmata & Ammes | For a swim with an airplane view!

Both the beaches of Spasmata and Ammes are very close to the airport, both sandy with very clear waters. The surrounding area has plenty of restaurants that promise to surprise you with their beautiful tastes and the good service they offer, forming a great chance for you to try the traditional kreatopita (meatpie) that will surely leave you asking for more!

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 11,7 km., 21 minutes’ drive

Ai Chelis | The choice of the youngsters!

Ai Chelis is a hot spot for younger visitors to Kefalonia. This is the place to meet and mingle with friends old and new over beach volleyball and water sports. There is also a beach bar where you can find that exact drink to take the edge off the afternoon heat.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 10,8 km., 20 minutes’ drive

Megas Lakkos | For natural beauté

The beach of Megas Lakkos is located in the south part of Lixouri. Its clay formations offer the chance to its guests to use as much of it as they want to enjoy some natural beauté. It can be applied all over the body, especially on the face, though, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated once you have it cleared off your skin. It is a one-of-a-kind experience one should try to enjoy when in Kefalonia.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 50,2 km., 1 hour and 10 minutes’ drive

Agia Kiriaki | A trip to tradition

The beach of Agia Kiriaki is a long clean coast with a terrific traditional fish tavern where you can find fresh fish and tastes that can satisfy even the most demanding palates!

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 41 km., 1 ώρα και 9 minutes’ drive

Ammos | The exotic hidden gem of South

For those who prefer sand that dusts right off your skin, lush scenery and water that is so clear you can see the sea floor, Ammos beach in the village of Pessada is the best choice.

By clicking on the link below you can see the relevant route on the maps:

Distance from Oneira Villas: 5,5 km., 11 minutes’ drive





Agia Sofia



Markis Gialos

Platis Gialos

Cultural and Religious Events in Kefalonia

By attending, you can experience the local culture and traditions

Kefalonia, especially during the summer months has many events, festivals, fairs and all kinds of festivities. It is a very musical island, with rich cultural activity. From time to time you can enjoy different activities related to music, films, theater, and other arts. Furthermore, having equally religious influences, there are some festivals that are organized on the pretext of important dates related to religion. Below you can see some of the events and festivals that take place on the island during the summer months:

End of June till beginning of July: The Anna Pollatou International Festival – “Gymnastics for all”

Beginning of August: The ‘Seanema’ Summer Film Festival
End of July: The ‘Saristra’ Music Festival
19 till 21 August: The Robola Fest

24th June: The Feast of St. Ioannis in the village of Tzannata
11th June: The Feast of St. Euphemia in the village of Agia Efimia
17th July: The Feast of Agia Marina, in the village of Vlachata
26th July: The Feast of Agia Paraskevi in the villages of Troianata, Atheras, Metaxata, Mesovounia and Lepeda
15ηth August: Festivities for the Virgin in the largest of the island’s villages.
16th October: Pilgrimage of Saint Gerasimos
20th October: Procession of Saint Gerasimos

Itineraries for Kefalonia

Suggestion on how to combine the different parts of the island, so that you can cover as much of it as possible!

Some of the places mentioned above can be easily combined in order to minimize the time spent on the road.

The routes/combination we would suggest are the following:

 Lixouri: City of Lixouri – Xi – Megas Lakkos – Petanoi

North Kefalonia: Assos – Myrtos – Eblisis – Dafnoudi – Fiskardo

North-West Kefalonia: Agia Kiriaki – Fteri

South Kefalonia: Pessada – Lourdas – Keteleios – Skala

East Kefalonia: Melissani – Drogkarati – Karavomylos – Antisamos – Sami – Agia Efimia

Custom-made experiences in Kefalonia

Every visitor’s expectations and travel style are special to them and we strive to assemble a travel experience that delivers on such. Contact us to learn how we can turn your Kefalonia dreams into reality.