Your stay at Oneira Villas


Oneira Villas stands out as one of the most beautiful lodging destinations in Kefalonia, Greece, and ideal for those seeking relaxation and an escape from everyday life. The property consists of five fully-equipped villas that offer you all the needed autonomy and privacy, without missing those creature comforts. The aim is to settle you into an ‘at home’ feel while resting away from it all. The greenery that characterizes the surrounding area, in combination with the panoramic view of the Ionian Sea will settle you back refreshed and relaxed. The tranquility and relaxing atmosphere of Oneira Villas are the foundations of what draws guests back again and again, year after year. Falling in love with this one-of-a-kind place is as simple as waking up at the Villas for the first time. Each of the villas is built and equipped as a standalone apartment with the amenities and comforts of a home. You’ll find a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious living room, bathroom, and one or two bedrooms in each villa. Naturally, a private furnished balcony with a sweeping view onto the Ionian Sea stretching to Zakynthos is all yours. Each villa has its own entrance, A/C and parking space, with wireless internet available throughout the complex. As a family-run business, we assure you of genuine hospitality that spoils our guests into never wanting to return home. Our goal is to walk you through our complex of private villas, as well as the beauties of Kefalonia island. How about a dive in our pool? We are waiting for you, hoping to be the ‘home’ of your future summer memories… Welcome!

Dream Holidays in Kefalonia

Our villas

Dreams are nothing but projections of our minds. If we are lucky enough the good dreams turn into memories. How else to be certain of these memories than to create them in the first place… You have the chance to create your own personal dream in Kefalonia, will you let it slip out of your hands? Below you can see the profile of each of the accommodation options we provide and all the relevant information.


Έως 4 άτομα | 50 τ.μ.

Θέα: Θάλασσα


Έως 4 άτομα | 50 τ.μ.

Θέα: Πισίνα & Θάλασσα


Έως 4 άτομα | 50 τ.μ.

Θέα: Πισίνα & Θάλασσα



Έως 6 άτομα | 90 τ.μ.

Θέα: Πισίνα & Θάλασσα



Έως 5 άτομα | 75 τ.μ.

Θέα: Πισίνα & Θάλλασα



Έως 2 άτομα | 25 τ.μ.

Θέα: Βουνό & Κήπος

Experience unforgettable moments in Kefalonia


Oneira Villas is located in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and the Ionian sea, Kefalonia. More specifically, the are built in the southwest part of the island, at Trapezaki area. The complex of villas found at the foot of the highest mountain of the island, Ainos Mountain, or also known as Monte Nero, is also only approximately 1km far from the closest beach, combining every aspect that the island offers. Oneira Villas can be the ideal base for your daytrips around the island, since they are only around 15 minutes far from the capital of the island, Argostoli, by car, from where you can easily head up North towards the picturesque village of Assos and the cosmopolitan Fiskardo, making sure to make a stop at the islands known gem, Myrtos beach. From Argostoli, you can very easily take the boat and cross to the beautiful Lixouri. With Oneira Villas as a starting point you can easily explore the rest of the beautiful places of the island, among which are: Skala, Poros, Sami, Agia Efimia and Kateleios.

Surrounding area

Πέραν των ευνοϊκών αποστάσεων με άλλα όμορφα μέρη του νησιού, στην περιοχή γύρω από τα Oneira Villas υπάρχει ένα μίνι μάρκετ στο οποίο μπορείτε να προμηθευτείτε με όλα όσα μπορεί να χρειαστείτε καθόλη τη διάρκεια της διαμονής σας. Το μίνι μάρκετ είναι μόλις 500 μέτρα μακριά, σε απόσταση δηλαδή που μπορείτε εύκολα να τη διασχίσετε περπατώντας. Επιπλέον, στην ίδια απόσταση μπορείτε να βρείτε δύο εστιατόρια όπου μπορείτε να γευτείτε την τοπική κουζίνα και το κεφαλλονίτικο κρασί.

Σε απόσταση περίπου ενός χιλιομέτρου βρίσκεται και η παραλία Τραπεζάκι με τα πεντακάθαρα και ρηχά νερά της, τα οποία την κάνουν ιδανική για οικογενειακές εξορμήσεις. Δίπλα στην παραλία βρίσκεται ένα ακόμη εστιατόριο, το οποίο σας δίνει τη δυνατότητα να απολαύσετε ξεχωριστές γεύσεις υπό τους ήχους των κυμάτων.

Ιδιαίτερα όμορφα είναι και τα γύρω χωριά, με τον Λουρδά (αλλιώς Λουρδάτα) να ξεχωρίζει για τη ζωή, την παραλία και τις επιλογές σε εστιατόρια, λίγα μόλις λεπτά μακριά από τα Oneira Villas.

Παρακάτω μπορείτε να δείτε αναλυτικά τις αποστάσεις από κάθε ένα από τα λιμάνια και το αεροδρόμιο. Πατώντας πάνω στο κάθε link, ανακατευθύνεστε και στη σελίδα με τη σχετκή διαδρομή στο Google Maps.

Αποστάσεις από λιμάνια και αεροδρόμιο προς τα Oneira Villas:

Enjoy every moment of relaxation and tranquility

Γενικές Δωρεάν Παροχές

Daily cleaning

It is very important for us to keep the villas very clean and this is why we make sure they are getting serviced every day. This way, we are sure they are in their best state possible!

Change of linens and towels every 3 days or upon request

Given our need for impeccable cleanliness, while showing respect to the environment, we change the bed linens and the towels every three days, or upon our guests’ requests.

Parking space

The complex of villas has its own parking lot, which is offered for our guests’ vehicles without any additional charges.

Internet connection

Throughout the complex of villas, you can stay connected, without losing track of any of your friends’ updates or any potentially important emails. However, you can always detox, leave everything behind and relax around the pool. Those looking for a digital detox will also find plenty of ways to experience the “here and now”.

Towels | Bed linens

You can free more space in your luggage for souvenirs or anything else you need, as we take care of providing you with bed linens and towels upon your arrival.

Soap | Shampoo | Bodywash

Each of the bathrooms of the villas is equipped with hand soap, hair shampoo and body wash, which are renewed regularly.

Iron | Ironing board | Hairdryer

Each of our villas has a hairdryer, iron and its iron board so that our guests have all they might need to look their best.

Baby cot | Highchair

When travelling with a baby or small child you need a few more comforts, like a cot or a high chair, in order to be able to sleep and eat comfortably with your youngest loved ones. By offering a cot and a high chair free of charge, we hope to reduce some of the extra stress of traveling with kids.

Shared BBQ

For days when the only thing you can think of is relaxing around the pool, without missing out on any yummy meals, we have a barbeque area which can be used by our guests upon request.

Services upon request

Beyond all other amenities that are offered at Oneira Villas, free of charge, we are able to help you create the most unforgettable memories, through one of a kind experiences. If you are interested in any of the activities mentioned below, or if you are thinking of something beyond these that you would like to experience, you can always let us know and we will get in contact with the right person from our external partners to make it happen!

Water sports

Get to know the amazing waters of the island through thrilling water sports that will amaze you! σπορ που θα σας συναρπάσουν.


Kefalonia has many more for someone to see, on top of its gorgeous beaches. There are beautiful mountains, with Ainos being the most impressive one. If you want to get to know this side of the island, the experience will definitely be worth it!


For those who want to get to know the not-so-known parts of the island, hiking is definitely the perfect way to do it. Through designated paths, you can explore previously untouched places, discovering even waterfalls and being led to landscapes of unique beauty.


Kefalonian honey has an incredible taste and surely the whole process of its production is a very interesting experience on its own that is definitely worth trying.


There are many beautiful places around the island which are not accessible on foot or by car, only with a boat. Why not combine the exploration of these places with a daily cruise?


Another unique way to come closer to the enchanting and crystal-clear waters of Kefalonia island is to go fishing. With one of the most traditional boats navigated by one of the most experienced and pleasant captains, you can experience one of the most memorable vacation activities you can imagine: go fishing, cooking the fish caught and enjoying it on the boat in the middle of the sea!

Mandola | Mandolato

Mandola and mandolato are the traditional sweets of the island. Their production process is unique and very impressive. By visiting Kefalonia, you get the chance to get to know this too!


On top of Rombola, the most known of Kefalonia’s wines, the island offers some of the best wine selections that are waiting for you to try them! A wine-tasting trip is definitely an experience hard to forget!


Horseback riding is definitely a great way to explore some thrilling places while spending quality time close to nature.


Relaxation should be at the center of your trip, so for those that need more than a serene environment surrounding them, an experienced masseuse can take care of taking away from them all the stress, leaving them relaxed and recharged.

Manicure | Pedicure

There are days during which you might feel like pampering yourself a bit more! In those cases, you can definitely think of having a manicure or a pedicure that will refresh and make you feel rejuvenated.


In the unlikely case of a medical emergency, we can order a doctor to visit upon request.

Rent a car

For your convenience and your best service, we can happily guide you regarding vehicle rentals to explore the island at your own pace.